Monday, January 20, 2014

"The Secret Knowledge of Water"

This has been my reading, these cold, wintry days.  A book by Craig Childs which takes in his two year quest for water in the desert.  I wanted to put some of his words into this posting because he is such an eloquent author.  Searching for pools, seeps, streams, ponds, rivers and even flash floods in our Southwest desert country - he took me on an adventure that I will never forget.

"The desert breathed and then went silent at the first mention of nightfall, a kind of quiet that comes only at the edge of the earth."

Reading his words I was determined to capture a small few of them in stitchery.  Thus came about this working of the threads in "Magical Water" - a piece that is still in progress. 

Don't you love it that we, with our hands, our minds and our hearts can capture moments, events and most of all our deepest feelings?

"It is always like this finding the source of water - a second of silence, the clandestine enchantment of encountering something small and sacred, then down on knees to see where it actually appears, how far inside I can reach." - Craig Childs


  1. It's always good to be able to clothe our inspiration in stitch, isn't it!

  2. I'm wondering how you found the book. Walking through the stacks in a library..On the shelf at the local book store..I see how the cover would draw you in to open the cover and sample the story. I need a trip to the library. Surfing Amazon just doesn't fill the need.
    xx, Carol

  3. ...thanks for letting me know about this book; our local library got it for me through its inter-library loan program. I just finished it and enjoyed every struggling day of his trek! Another very good read! I was so tired and thirsty at the end; would love to have seen photos of his experiences...Mother Nature is nothing to mess with!!!

  4. I just saw a weather channel report on flash floods in the desert, amazing how they can happen. On another note, I cannot wait to see your finished piece in honor of this book! Inspiration is all around us if we only open our minds and hearts to it.

  5. This looks like a fascinating book, beautiful writing, it is hard to imagine at the moment with the floods here that there are places short of water, although of course I know there are.
    Looking forward to seeing the progress of your stitching, love the colours you are using.

  6. That looks fascinating and I love how the ideas from the book have found expression in your art. Beautiful.

  7. Love the words...

    ...and the WIP!

    X. C



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