Monday, January 27, 2014

Hidden Water

Captured as I was with "The Secret Knowledge of Water" I knew that I had to create it in stitch.  Somehow I wanted to reflect the words I had read.  Somehow I want to recreate water, hidden in the desert caverns, canyons and arroyos.  I wanted to look beneath the surface and see it calmly gathering in pools.  Perhaps bubbling up in places neither I nor any other human would ever see.

"This was not the kind of water that could make war on the desert.  It was a secret, a softly spoken word that the surrounding desert could not hear.  If the sun ever found it, it would be gone in days.  This was an artifact of the last rain, which had sheeted over the face of this isolated mountain and just happened to catch in this dark place where a block of stone had fallen, leaving a hole like the pulling of a tooth." - Craig Childs


  1. I think you captured your mind's picture perfectly. I love the way you use blue and brown in your work. Its a pleasant, calming color scheme.
    xx, Carol

  2. Beautifully done, I agree. It suggests aquifers and underground lakes...

  3. Lovely ... and those LARGE wandering lines of dots ... you've given me ideas!

  4. Spot on!

    ...love the colour combo too :-)

    X. C

  5. That's just lovely. Adding the meandering dots over the lines gives it a wonderful depth.

  6. Penny, you are amazingly talented with your needle. This is such a wonderful contemporary work of art, and really does evoke the idea of secret, sacred waters - rivers and streams running through the earth where eyes will never see.

    I'm amazed that you are so adept at creating such sweet folk art and this amazing contemporary piece too! You're really lucky to be able to do both so very well, and I enjoy it all. Congratulations on this outstanding piece.

  7. How did I miss this post?! There is so much I can relate to, from the astrological Cancer sign of water I was born under to living on top of one of the most notable aquifers in the country, the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer beneath the southern part of NJ. Penny, your piece is beautiful! The colors and the way they flow speak of how much you appreciated the book. Your heart is in the desert! :)))



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