Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Sitting on a shelf above my computer is this jar.  It began life as a pickle jar and now it holds slips of paper.

Each day I write something that I am grateful for and slip it into the jar. Mostly my gratitude for the day is something small, something that I normally don't think about but just accept as if it was mine. 

Pausing to be grateful is a gift in itself and I shall happily tamp down these small gratitudes as each day passes.

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." - William Arthur Ward

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Three Owls

Here are three owls -- all lined up together, keeping each other company.

What fun it is to create 'critters' - to almost see them 'come alive' beneath my hands and needle. 

If this spirit of mine stays strong there will be other owls joining this group.  Wouldn't it be fun to run out of shelf room all because my hands have been busy creating?"

"Owl," said rabbit shortly, you and I have brains.  The others have fluff.  If there is any thinking to be done in this forest -- and when I say thinking I mean thinking -- you and I must do it." - A.A. Milne

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Learning from owls...

This fellow has been sitting here, quietly for quite awhile. 

This little fellow is a newcomer.  Poor thing he certainly looks as lost as I felt when I was creating him.  But he taught me several lessons.

The first lesson is to follow my heart - not my 'get this done' gene.  The second one is that I need color and laughter and joy. Rather than trying to copy the subdued natural colors we see in 'real' creatures I hope to create a whole new subspecies representing the "Colorful Owl".
  I thank each and everyone of you for regularly stopping by to visit. Hopefully my blog will come back to life in the next few months.
I have made lots of promises to myself in this posting. For 'healing' purposes, if nothing else, I shall endeavor to keep all of them. 
                     "Relax, nothing is under control
                      Inhale the future, exhale the past."


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