Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Three Owls

Here are three owls -- all lined up together, keeping each other company.

What fun it is to create 'critters' - to almost see them 'come alive' beneath my hands and needle. 

If this spirit of mine stays strong there will be other owls joining this group.  Wouldn't it be fun to run out of shelf room all because my hands have been busy creating?"

"Owl," said rabbit shortly, you and I have brains.  The others have fluff.  If there is any thinking to be done in this forest -- and when I say thinking I mean thinking -- you and I must do it." - A.A. Milne


  1. I took a closer look at these birds. When you go in closer, you can hear them whispering to each other. Apparently you don't know it, but there is an Owl Competition coming up soon. No bathing suits...nope. No talent is needed. The beauty part is in their colorful personalities as seen in their design. Blue is sure she will win. But the contestant to HER left feels sure her wings are more pretty. #1 says she has the edge with her unique markings. Oh you may have a bit of bickering on your hands. I hope none of them are Screech Owls!!

    xx, Carol
    I've missed you!!

  2. You already have a Parliament of Owls - and more representatives on the way?

  3. Oh, lovely little owls! The process of creating these must be a meditative one--appropriate for the wisdom associated with owls!

  4. Great job, Penny! As Carol says, there is a story here!

  5. The owls are a joy. I would keep an eye on the right hand one thought - he looks like a trouble maker!

  6. These are just wonderful!!!!!



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