Saturday, September 15, 2018


The word 'organization' can become  a challenge or a rebuff.  Hey, don't 'people' expect crafters or artists to be a bit disorganized?  Isn't that part of our charm?

At this point in my life I find that I do better if I'm working in an organized area -- of course there's always 'stuff' around (supplies, unfinished projects, etc.) but even they can be organized.  Somehow 'organization' makes me feel like I might have a bit of control over at least  one part of my life. *smile*.

Each evening, as I leave my studio, I arrange everything to begin anew the next day. Its so easy to get sidetracked if I have to stop and 'go through stuff' before I even begin the actual punching.
Happy organization to you all!

"Organization isn't about perfection, its about efficiency. Reducing stress and clutter, saving time and energy and improving your overall quality of life." -  Christine Scal

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Oh my, the first day of September -- Fall cannot be far away.  Indeed, I found these two 'first fallen' leaves on my walk while we were in the middle of August.  I had to bring them home to give myself hope that our hot, wet summer was fading away. 

Most of the month of August I was working on a Fall punch needle picture and enjoying the thoughts of pumpkins, leaves falling and crows crowing -- does their call
really mean "Summer it almost over - Caw, Caw, Caw"?

I wonder if Mr. Crow is wearing a bell on his cap to let us know that time is moving on and we can celebrate the beautiful days of Fall any day now.
We heap up around us things that we do not need as the crow makes piles of glittering pebbles." - Laura Ingles Wilder


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