Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh My!

You won't mind if I pat myself on the back will you?  If I send up a big 'high five' to myself?  If I hire a band and have a mini-parade?

This was what I had before.  Drawers filled with plastic bags.  Bags filled with skein upon skein of embroidery floss.  It was piled everywhere.  It was overflowing the drawers. It was a disaster when I wanted to begin a piece and had to strew it all over my work table to see what I had.

For some reason the 'organization bug' hit me at the end of the year and I started wrapping my floss around bobbins, labeling them with the proper color number and putting them into neat and tidy boxes.  All the green shades together here..

But many, many hours and colors and skeins to be  wrapped ahead.  A project not finished but truly started to my complete happiness.

"True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  1. Isn't it odd, the way suddenly the organisation bug bites, after years of muddling through!

  2. "Well done", indeed! I'm not surprised you did this. I think you are the only person I know who yearns for organization more than me, and you are miles ahead of me. I love your colors!

  3. ... and when you're done there would you come over here and do that, please?!?


  4. Omgosh!! I don't think I'll ever make the time to do that. But yours look great!
    Xx, carol

  5. You are very brave!! I can only imagine the time it must have taken. Good way to start off a year!

  6. I just love the way threads look wrapped and arranged like that and I find such pleasure and satisfaction in that sort of organisation. Makes me want to do some sorting myself now!

  7. I have a whole bunch of musical instruments here.....so can do a really good band impersonation for you!

    Drums, bells whistles at your disposal....

    X. C

  8. I don't know which I'm more excited about - the wonderfully organized box of floss or all the many many skeins and colors you have!! I seem to have the cleaning and organizing bug too, and your work has really inspired me to do even more. Thanks for the inspiration!



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