Monday, August 29, 2016

"Party Mouse"

Okay, what's going on here?  You seem to be getting ready for a party.  "Oh yes, I love parties".

Those cupcakes look mighty tasty -- I hope your guests will enjoy them.

Wait a minute, the last time I looked they were perfect and now it looks like someone has taken a bite.  "Well, one has to make sure that its tastes good before serving it to guests."

"Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated." - Osho


  1. He,He--look at those teen, tiny cupcakes! Oh, yes, celebrate!

  2. Oh SURE. You think you have a Party Mouse. SHE'S got YOUR number. Snuck into your cabinets. Got all the stuff to make cupcakes. Baked 'em using YOUR oven. You caught her in the act and actually believed that she was planning a party. What you have actually discovered is a Rodent Roadhouse!! Yes, you have indeed. There she is using YOUR ingredients while she rakes in the Mousy Moolah!! If you had not caught her you'd be wondering what happened to your pantry stash!! Good thing I saw this post to warn you!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Boy howdy! You and a Carol should collaborate on that children's book I keep imagining. ThIis downright adorable!

  4. I want a bite-they look so good!
    But I have a cat who says your mousie looks good too...

  5. Cheeky little thing! I can't blame her for sampling the cupcakes though. They look irresistible!

  6. Well, at least her tastes run to dainty and civilised parties, and not all-night Mousy Raves!



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