Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ms. Sew Mouse

Oh, this was bound to show up in my studio.  After all -- one goes where the supplies are and Ms. Sew Mouse is a genius at raiding supplies.  

She only had one request, and that was to ask me to remove the pins and needles from the pin cushion so she could have a more comfortable seat.

At least now I'll know where to look when this and that disappears from my sewing area.

"Sewing: a creative mess is better than tidy idleness." - Author Unknown


  1. Another adorable creation, Ms. Sew Mouse! I love the blue, gray, pink combo, and am glad you saved her little tushy by removing the needles and pins. Received your gift, love the spool seat, she is so detailed and took a LOT of work, thank you! She has a spool seat of honor in my sewing room. :)

  2. Oh, she is a perfect companion for your sewing room. Her supply needs would be very small!

  3. Oh no!! You better watch out now! Those little mouses sewers use little tiny snips when they cut fabric. They NEVER pay attention to where they are snipping. They use the mousey stab and cut method so you sometimes get your fabric laid out and ready to cut and there it is...a tiny snip out of the middle of a yard. That's how most people know they have sewer mouses in their house. You are VERY lucky that she let you know she is there. Now, if you are smart, you will leave litte scraps around for her to choose from...bait so to speak....to save your favorites in your stash!! Look it up...it's on Google.
    xx, Carol

  4. So cute! Will the sewing mice be making people dolls?

  5. Does she have anything in mind for those bits she has...er..borrowed...from your stash?!

  6. So now you have to make a pincushion that Mrs Sew Mouse won't want to sit on...? Do tell her we want to see what she makes!



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