Monday, August 22, 2016

Census Taker Mouse

"Why are you just sitting there -- help me figure out who is new in this crowd and who I have to add to the census list."  Where does a person begin when you're dealing with a mouse population.  My heart went out to this guy who will never be without a job since no one else wants to do it.

Yes, this fellow is a little irritable but I can see his frustration. After all he is dealing with mice and we all know their propensity for large families.  

I think I shall leave him to it since he seems to be quite organized (and I don't want to get roped into helping him count)!!   

"The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation.  And that is, with other folks counting on me its so easy to be motivated." - Jeff Bezos


  1. Oh no. Don't fall for this ruse. The next thing he will do is ask you if you could put out a little cheese and peanut butter to attract the mouser population...you know...to help him gather his community in one place so he can get an accurate count. What this is known as in the mice community is a Pot Luck Party. You bring the food, they bring the party! This has been well publicized in the Mouse Gazette!! Wait till you see what they are up to NEXT!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Hmmmmm...don't tell anyone, but my husband puts out cheese and peanut butter somewhere on these little trap things. I think the outcome is not so good...:)

  3. Thank you both for making me laugh this morning!!

  4. Penny, this is so gosh darn cute! Where is that children's book??

  5. He is rather droopy and depressed around the whiskers, but given the task he has, that's not surprising!

  6. You are having way too much fun with these little creatures!



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