Thursday, August 2, 2012


Like a little bird I have become a nester this summer.  As the bird moves twigs and collections around in her nest, I have also been moving this and that here and there.  It is a good feeling to gather my nest around me -- to know where everything is (well almost everything) and to look once again at the trinkets I've collected over the years.

This sweet girl is my tribute to birds and their nests.  What is more wonderful than watching a bird sitting ever so still on a branch and then taking off in swift flight - wings glinting in the sun?

I've added music for the birdsong that greets us now that summer is here.  The beautiful, natural songs that I can hear from the quiet of our back porch.

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without words - and never stops at all." - Emily Dickinson


  1. You know where everything is in your stash, and you've managed to produce the delightful dolls you've been showing us? I'm most impressed!

  2. She's a sweet doll. I especially love her music and the tips of her birdie toes.
    xx, Carol

  3. I didn't get to comment on the fun part post, but did see it and was watching for something completed from that photo. Wow, "Nesting" is fabulous" -- the theme carries throughout the doll so completely from the peaceful face through the birdsong music notes down to her toes, and on both sides! The birdie toes Carol mentioned, did you stitch those or are they charms? As always, love your hand stitching, from the French Knots to the twiggy legs. The slanted stitches remind me of a gentle summer rain. lovely, and so meaningful. I, too, am a nester. :)

  4. Oh my---I love this!!
    I was just thinking of you...and my punch needle I have neglected. ha! I need to get back to that! Where is the summer going?!



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