Thursday, August 16, 2012


Everyday I am surrounded by words.  I listen to them - I read them -I write them - I speak them and sometimes, to the horror of those around me, I sing them.  I'm a word-aholic, loving words -- the big ones and the small ones.  The familiar and the not so familiar.

Thus comes a new 'person' to my studio -- "Wordsmith".  Having some fabric that has letters and words on hand it seemed like a good idea to use it to bring this cloth doll to life.

Having a little 'journal' embellishment -- which I found on a shopping trip -- was an extra addition to the theme.

"We listen to words so we can silently reach into the other". - Rumi


  1. Penny, she's so touching! So much of YOU is in your work, it's palpable. I love your simple figure patterns, less is more for sure. Then it's the fabric, embellishments, stitches, and faces that create the theme. The peaceful face on this one complements that theme beautifully. Meaningful words bring peace, especially if one has authored them. That's you! :)

  2. I love words too! They are like mind triggers that send me on a journey!

  3. Just one word can build or destroy. One word can bring memories flooding to your mind. One word can transport you to another place or time.

    Wordsmith is a peaceful lady, confident that she has chosen the correct words.
    xx, Carol

  4. wonderful!
    I love seeing words in textiles

  5. Penny... this doll is such an "understated" creative gem. "Wordsmith" is beautiful in form, fabric choices, and the embellishments you have incorporated. Wow! Daryle

  6. Daryle Thank you so much for your kind words. The whole inspiration for her came from your little guys in the 2009 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Thank you for your imagination and graciousness.

  7. Words bring distant things and new ideas to life. Wordsmith is remarkably serene for so busy a lady!



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