Monday, August 13, 2012

300 and counting...

Back in late 2009 when I began my blog I never thought that I'd still be going and that I would actually put 300 posts on line.  Whew!!!

You know what keeps me going?  You do!!  Each of you who read and comment; those of you who have become dear friends; the sharing of the art that you do and the techniques we all use - priceless!

When I began this blog I was heavily involved in beading and actually began it in conjunction with my enrollment in the Beaded Journal Project.  Soooo, how about a big giveaway of three beaded items from what seems like so long ago?

 "Man in the Moon" is a beaded three-dimensional piece which comes with a stand from which to hang him.  "Sonata" is another three-dimensional piece standing on her own stand.  "Twilight Path" is an encrusted bead stitchery which is mounted in a metal frame.

Please leave a comment below - this give-away is open to one and all - even if you've won a giveaway before feel free to throw your name in the hat!   Three names will be drawn Sunday the 19th with winners announced on August 20th.   Meanwhile thanks to all of you who have made this art journey so much fun.

"Things start out as hopes and end up as habits." - Lillian Hellman


  1. Gorgeous - such different examples of the beader's art!

  2. I just linked to your blog from Penny Beren's blog, Tanglewood Threads. I love your dolls and seeing how they evolve. I've added you to my Monday night blog cruising. thanks so much. Laureen van Lierop, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  3. You've had quite a journey!
    Love the dolls but don't include my name...I would feel guilty if I won another beautiful piece from you!

  4. "Twilight Path" is the piece I had a hard time passing up when I bought another bead embroidery from you! Your beaded dolls are treasures too - I love the purples in "Sonata". Who wouldn't want to win any of these?

  5. Lovely beading, I havent beaded for ages, I really must get back to it. Would love to own one of these.

  6. The BJP is why I started MY blog too. The friendships I have made through it are important to me. I have enjoyed seeing your diverse talents and our comment exchanges more than you would guess.
    xx, Carol

  7. Me too, another BJP gal with the rest of you...what a long way we have all come! Like Penny B. said, "...I would feel guilty," and I would, but SO WHUT?!?! Toss me name in the hat, pleez. I knew I had to participate when I saw 'Twilight Path' and later on I will explain why...

    Huge CONGRATS on 300 ~ may you go on, and ON!


  8. Beautiful!!

    ..and CONGRATULATIONS on being 300 :-)

    x Chris

  9. 300 Posts!! Wow! I LOVE your work and always look forward to where the muse has taken you each time. Of course I am in on this one :) .

  10. I'm a newbie to your blog but am loving it! How fantastic is 300?

    Looking forward to 300 more!


  11. oh my- I would be honored to display any of these! I wanna win! hee! I love them all. That second one is so cool!
    It's true, all the comments and support keep me going too. It's such a lovely community.

  12. 300 posts! Woo Hoo. Your work is amazing.

  13. ...thanks for adding me to the drawing; what gorgeous beaded dolls, and you are very generous!

  14. Oh dear, how do I enter without feeling guilty for already having one of your lovely punched pieces? That's it! I don't have one of your beaded pieces yet! No guilt!
    You are a peach to be offering such a generous giveaway, Penny. BJP is where I started beading too!

  15. What sumptuous and stunning pieces of bead art! Congratulations on your first 300 posts and here's to the next 300!!

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