Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveling Tidbits

Here I am in Nevada surrounded by all sorts of beautiful chaos and confusion.  The total opposite of my 'everyday' life where there are only two of us and it is tranquil and quiet and orderly!  I'm actually reveling in the noise -- especially the laughter of children.

In thinking ahead of my days out here I thought about taking all manner of stitchery with me -- but in the end I decided to just throw a few bits and pieces into my 'send-ahead-of-time' box.  I included an embroidery hoop, some threads, needles, scissors, pens for drawing and a couple of predrawn patterns that I might like to play around with. 
Now let's see if I actually pull out any of these things while I'm here.
"I dwell in possibility" - Emily Dickinson


  1. I am sure you will create something lovely with these pretty colors that remind me of fall. Can't wait for that this year! Maybe you will toss a little of the cahos and cnfusion into this piece too. ;)

  2. Well, we can live in hope, but I expect your life will be full of entertainments and distractions!

  3. I don't know. I 'm thinking you will enjoy all that activity, but will need to find a spot from time to time to just sooth your soul..I bet you'll stitch just a little!

    Enjoy the visit!
    xx, Carol



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