Monday, September 12, 2016

Teatime Mouse

My tea time is very precious to me.  It is my reading time, my thinking time, my just plain being calm time.  So you can imagine my horror when I found this little lady trying to get into my precious stash of tea.

Before I had a chance to chastise her, she was complaining to me about how difficult it is to get the lids off these tins.  "Yes, and that is for a reason, so mice won't sneak into my tea supply".

You certainly know, I can never deny a person a cup of tea -- so I gave her a little assistance.  She repaid my help by sharing her morning cup with me and we had a very nice visit.  

"A cup of tea makes everything better." - anonymous


  1. You have just met one of the most scarce personalities in Mouseland. This little girl finds the Mouse Maze life tedious and sneaks off by herself to daydream of a life of leisure. Oh, she's not lazy by any means. She just loves to contemplate how she can improve life for the mouse community. Her friends are coffee drinkers, that's why they scurry along without a thought of what tomorrow will bring. Now you have found a mouse friend. No need to chit chat over a cup of tea. You each can think your own thoughts together.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh, she's asking how I know so much about Mouseland. I studied Mouse under the guidance of Carl Jung Mouse. Under his tutledge I learned what makes the mouse mind tick.

  3. A love of tea is always a bond!

  4. Tea and scones--a perfect way to deal with life's little mishaps!

  5. Holy Moly, when, oh when!, are you and Carol going to collaborate on that children's book? You both have extremely fertile imaginations! I love the pinks on this dainty little mouse.

  6. I think you ought to give her a taste for chamomile which she can take back to the others - it might calm some of the more excitable and argumentative ones down!



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