Monday, September 5, 2016

Accidental Mouse

Its not always a good thing to walk into your kitchen and find not only a mouse in the corner of the counter top -- but one who has obviously felt the cruel strokes of a mixer blade.

He was quite the grouch about it, mostly complaining about the damage to his tail, which he had previously been quite proud of.

I felt so sorry for him that I just couldn't get angry, as well I should have.  Perhaps he's learned his lesson and will pass it along to the others.  Only time, and healing will tell.

"When you're in a slump
you're not in for much fun
Unslumping yourself
is not easily do"

Dr. Seuss - "Oh the places you'll go"


  1. You make me smile!!! Poor little mouse-was it a Betty Crocker recipe he was going to try? Or Good MouseKeeping?!

  2. Ouch! Poor Mouse! I hope none of the others prove similarly accident-prone - maybe he can warn them off!

  3. Oh dear, so glad he is now bandaged up.

  4. OH NO! You know how it goes. Have one mouse and there are a hundred. This little injured guy is proof that there is definitely a Mouse Metropolis quite near by!! He has already been to the Mouse MD and been all mended!! Oh My, what ELSE will you discover?
    xx, Carol

  5. Still chuckling at Debra's "Good Mousekeeping." Tails and mixers require caution!

  6. Aw, poor baby. He is page 15 in your book!

  7. He looks very sorry for himself - perhaps he needs some Health and Safety training!



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