Monday, September 26, 2016

A Cheesy Mouse

Okay -- I ask you -- how did he get the lid off this jar???

I think things have gone a bit mad around this house.  If I'm going to save my sanity  I simply must put a sign up saying "no more mice".

"You see a mouse trap...I see some fresh cheese and a challenge." Scroobius


  1. Clever fellow! Love the quote, Penny. :)

  2. A little bit of madness is always a good thing. Mouse madness of course.

  3. You do know that if you put up a sign saying "No More Mice", you'll find it surrounded by mice, multiplying like Tribbles...?

  4. With all the other mouse-help he has around the house-I think they just worked together....but perhaps only one mouse got all the cheese! I'd look for spaghetti sauce around someone's whiskers!

  5. Oh No!! I know what you HAVE!! The Magician Mouse has come to visit. Most would call him a Wizzard but that does not keep in the "M" naming in Mouseland. The Magician is a traveler visiting Mouseville to Mouseville. Beware!! If he takes a liking to this Mouse House he might just start up a Mouse School for Magicians. You'll be missing a lot more than Cheese. Keep you Lucky Charms under lock and key!!
    xx, Carol

  6. He looks so pleased with himself, the little so and so!



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