Thursday, September 22, 2016

Autumn Equinox

The weather is slowly changing. The days will soon shorten.  This time of the year is so beautiful to me.

I love going into the storage closet and pulling out sweaters, jackets and yummy warm socks.  Although my life changes very little from season to season – at this time of the year I have wonderful memories of the first day of school, football games, leaves changing and then falling to make a rustle of my morning walks.

With the change of season I feel a change of direction.  I don’t exactly have a road map yet but my mind is moving, one step at a time, toward work that will lend itself to cooler days, hot cups of tea and the enjoyment of bright blue Fall skies.

"Delicious Autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the ever successive autumns." - George Eliot


  1. You know, it's funny how your mindset changes as you get older. I hate to admit this because you KNOW how much I love the summer. When I worked, I hated to think about winter coming. Hated the thought of getting out of bed in the dark and going out in the cold and all that other winter stuff. But now, especially THIS year, I'm a bit glad to see the summer go. Glad to see a closing to the yard work. Secretly enjoying the color change in the trees from green to blazing fall shades of red, yellow and rust. Anticipating staying in and doing what "I" want to do and not what I am expected to do. Please, Universe, give me Serenity.
    xx, Carol

  2. Not much tree color in the NE this year after a very long dry spell. I agree with Carol."Serenity now"! (quoting a Seinfeld episode.)

  3. I love autumn, especially after a long, hot summer. We are still in the 90's, but the days are getting shorter and the shadows longer...and I know it will soon be time for the trees to shout their colors. :)

  4. We are being promised glorious autumn colours here - I'm looking forward to it, as you are!

  5. Fall is my very favorite season. It's transient nature makes it all the more beautiful. Great quote.

  6. I love autumn; the cooler weather; feeling everything settling quietly down for a winter sleep.

  7. Penny... I too welcome the changing color palette, some cooler temps, and autumn's somewhat more "predictable" routines. Our gardens are already moving into the "rest" mode, our backyard lawn is covered with fallen leaves, and our fire-pit will begin to see more use with the early darkness and cool temps settling in around us. I too sense the "change in direction" you mentioned... will post more about this in the weeks ahead! Daryle



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