Friday, July 29, 2016

An Ode to Scissors

Recently, in one of my table cleanups I realized how many pairs of scissors I've accumulated and how valuable each and every one of them is.  That lead me to look into the history of scissors.  Scissors were most likely invented around 2500 BC. The early scissors were the 'spring scissor' type comprising of two bronze blades connected at the handles by a thin, flexible strip of curved bronze which served to hold the blades in alignment and to allow them be squeezed together and to pull them apart when released.  Notice the carving on these blades.

I have a total of six pairs of scissors in my studio and I'm sure that's a small number compared to other stitchers/crafters.

My original, many years ago, is the red handled pair.  At one time, there was a scissor/knife sharpener who appeared each spring at one of our local fabric stores.  Sadly he gave up his trade.  My red handled scissors became my 'paper and anything else' cutters.  They were replaced by this beautifully floral decorated scissors which cuts like butter through even felted wool.  

As for little scissors I have four pair.  Two are straight blades and the other two are curved blades.  The turquoise pair is older and has become a paper cutter.  The others are all fabric/ribbon/thread/yarn cutters.  My favorite pair are again, the floral design curved scissors.

Do you have a scissors story -- I'd love to hear it.

"I play with scissors for the shear fun of it". Anonymous


  1. Goodness. I don't know how many pairs of scissors I have. I've not been organised enough to count them! But I do have a lovely pair of embroidery scissors made by the last scissor maker in Sheffield...

  2. Actually, I DO have a scissors story! I bought my toddler daughter a doll in a Sears Surplus store at least 25 years ago. It was packaged in a cellophane bag, and inside hiding between the layers of her clothing was a very sharp pair of thread nippers, obviously left there by accident by the doll maker in China. They looked something like your top picture, only smaller. Thankfully, I found them before my daughter!

  3. Can't think of a snippers story. I have SO MANY pairs of them...its almost but not quite embarrassing. I think I could be considered a hoarder. If I have a Joann or Hobby Lobby coupon and don't find anything to use it on, I usually head to the snippers and find something to buy for almost free. Well, I might have a slight story. Back in 1972 I worked in a Singer Store in a local mall selling machines. We got a discount and often used mine to start collecting my array of snippers and I still have them all. Love them better than Fiscars. I call them Snippers because I can never remember how to spell Scissors. Silly me.
    xx, Carol

  4. I desperately need some really sharp fabric scissors - too many people in our house think any pair of scissors they set eyes on are for anyone to use on anything...

  5. I have 2 pair that were my grandma's scissors. I treasure them not only because I loved her so much, but she taught me to sew. I spent so many happy hours near her, intently learning with my clumsy hands and fingers. She was always so patient and kind-and very talented.



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