Friday, July 22, 2016

Queen Anne's Lace

What would summer be without the fields of Queen Anne's Lace?  I have always loved this flower but this year they seem even more special to me.  They are so delicate and if a little breeze comes by they move slowly back and forth.

I even love the name -- it gives this flower dignity to me and history and brings images of tea being served in a castle garden.  Isn't life wonderful!

[please note that the field picture came from Richard Bowman because I was unable to get a good perspective from my camera].

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting to grow sharper." - W. B. Yeats


  1. Same here in NJ , Penny. They must love HOT weather! Have you ever noticed the one tiny dark red flower in the middle of these big blooms? There is a legend that goes with it, I'm it's sure on Google.

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  3. Thanks Barbara -- here's some very 'romantic' information about the red/purple flower that sometimes appears in this plant:
    "Queen Anne was tatting white lace. (Tatting is the all-but-lost art of making lace by hand.) The beautiful white lace she was tatting became the white lacy flowers of the wild carrot plant. She pricked her finger and one drop of blood oozed out. This became the central dark red or purple sterile floret that is present on some, but not all, Queen Anne's Lace flowers."

  4. Terry and I were just having a conversation about Queen's Lace and other wildflowers that others like to call weeds. My very favorite it chicory. I have dug it up numberous times from the side of the road and tried to get it to grow in my garden to no avail. After my friend Jack died, we buried him in the pet graveyard in the back yard. The next year one lonely Chicory plant grew on his grave, but never again. This year I am going to collect seeds to save for next year and try that.
    xx, Carol

  5. It does have a lovely, frothy, delicate effect!

  6. Such a sweet post-and you're right-life is wonderful! The flowers press well in a heavy book, and don't fall apart when you take them out of the book. I dried some that way a while ago. I think they're pretty in the winter too...

  7. Penny... we couldn't help but notice that the Queen Anne's Lace "followed us" along our entire road-trip journey back to Wisconsin several weeks ago... DE, PA, OH, IN, IL, WI and then back home again to South Jersey! I remember thinking to myself: "I need to post a pic this this uncommonly beautiful, common roadside flower!" Thank you for doing so... Daryle



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