Friday, February 19, 2016

Trash Talk

Who would ever think that a trip to the local transfer station (which used to be called 'the dump') would become somewhat of a natural history adventure.

Our transfer station is located with low grassy hills surrounding the back of it.  Sometimes the grass gets long enough that they bring in a herd of goats to prune things back.  

Those grassy slopes are also a permanent home to a large group of wild turkeys.  They look huge even from as far away as the dumpsters.

And speaking of dumpsters -- one has become the 'restaurant' for a local raccoon.  The employees built a ladder for him because of course the dumpsters are taken away periodically and they didn't want him to be taken away with it.

I love the fact that we have this facility where we can sort out all of our recyclables and trash.  I hate that we seem to produce so much of it.  But I'm happy to see these critters nibbling away.

"Ours is a country and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures." - Ray Bradbury Zen in the Art of Writing


  1. Penny, you have an unbelievable ability to find art and joy in everything. I will look anew on my next visit!

  2. Cool!. But I do love it that our county charges 5 per month and supply's us with a huge container to deposit our recyclables into and then collect them biweekly. I think it is a 96 gal container that we fill in 2 weeks. Some complain that they are charged whether they use the service or not. For me, I am grateful that I no longer have to pack it all into the car to cart to the center.

    Thank you for recycling too!!

    BTW, your center is in a lovely location. Imagine what critters might be visiting when you aren't there!!
    Xx, Carol

  3. I'm appalled at the amount of trash that just two of us generate. Recycling helps, but I do wish manufacturers would cut down on packaging. Denmark is one country that made huge strides in waste disposal.

  4. That's amazing! Might see a rat at ours - if you were really unlucky!



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