Friday, February 12, 2016

A Foggy Morning

Our deep blue sky is shrouded in fog.  It is as if the whole planet (or at least our little corner of it) has been covered with a layer of silver grey gauze.

It is silent and thick and changes my world view.  Suddenly my gaze is shortened.  There is mystery out here.    I am alone in a quietly mystical world.  

I am cocooned in nature and silence and thought.  Shhhh, perhaps if I continue to stay quiet the sun won't come in and steal the fog away. 

"Let us go in, the fog is rising" 
 Emily Dickinson


  1. Lovely words and photos. One other thing I would appreciate is that fog means milder temps. I'm typing this when our thermometer is in single digits. The only thing looking like fog is the smoke that has settled close to the ground from our neighbors' wood burning stoves.

  2. There is something mysterious and magical about fog. Lovely photos!

  3. A good time to sit quietly in the warm, admiring the mist...!

  4. "silver grey gauze" ... oh, how perfect a description. We occasionally get foggy days here looking much like your woods [with a few conifers thrown in] and I ALWAYS try to go out into that 'gauze' to drink it all in. Lovely post, Penny xo



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