Monday, February 22, 2016

Hidey Holes

Where do they go, these little ones, when the snow piles deep and the air is cold?
Perhaps they go into their 'hidey-holes'.  Scattered here and there on our property are holes and slots that leave my imagination wide open as to who or what might live within.

Is there a whole little family of voles just sitting down to dinner?  Telling each other what they did during the day? And giving thanks for no more snow to hinder their run abouts?

Are the 'children' being read to as they snuggle down into their bed? Or at the very least are oral tales being told of the strength of their early settlers?

Shhh, I don't dare disturb them.  Its enough to know that a whole family might live right beneath my feet. I wish them warmth during these long winter nights.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living." - Le Corbusier


  1. They'll have more constant temperatures than we do, if they are underground!

  2. I'm sure there are tons of these in our woods too, but I have never noticed or thought about what might be inside. Penny, your observations and suppositions are charming! They open up a whole new world in our minds. Thank you!

  3. Love these pictures. First I thought they might be where fairies abide. Then I thought I saw tiny eyes peeking out at me. Brownies!! Have you noticed your shelves have been dusted? Did you find the left over dishes from the night have been washed and put away? Were you thinking that you forgot you already swept the floor. Yes...you found where the Brownies live and they have befriended you.

    What else you got livin' around there?!?
    xx, Carol

  4. Oh, I love the quote! Perfect for anyone's hidey-holes!

  5. Careful, otherwise you'll have them invading your home too!



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