Friday, January 8, 2016

Blank Pages

Blank pages awaiting my words and thoughts.  This is what a new year brings.

Previous years' journals set aside -- those days and thoughts are in the past now.

Guiding me through the upcoming year will be these thoughts:

I vow to remember that today is a new day
Full of new beginnings and fresh moments.

Today, I will not cling to events of yesterday nor yesteryear
But stay connected with what today brings.

I will not madly pursue my desires at the expense of others
Nor flee from challenging tasks.

I will remain true to the unfolding process of today
Without losing myself in thoughts of what was or what might be.

I will treat today with awareness and sensitivity.
Even in the most ordinary of tasks.

I will apply myself wholeheartedly to the fullness of today
For I know that today holds the resource for authenticity.

- Christopher Titmuss -


  1. I have tried to keep a journal. I just can't do it. The best I can do is to write down something that is eating at me, but I don't dare put it in a journal for someone to read at a later date. Type it out, print it then off to the shredder. But I got it off my mind!
    xx Carol

  2. I'm like Carol, afraid someone else will see my often crazy musings if written down, so in my head they stay. Penny, Christopher Titmuss' thoughts need only one word to cover them all, "Mindfulness".

  3. And we definitely don't want to borrow trouble from tomorrow. I enjoyed this post. I have a box full of journals.

  4. It's a demanding guide you have there!

  5. A quote to which my reply would be "very well said". Must put that quote in my diary.

  6. I also journal-I have a big stack of them, going way back into the 80's. It's fun to look at them now and then.

  7. More journals here. I've done so since college, but have never reread them. My current journals I do refer to if I want to check on a date or a list or an idea jotted down, but the old ones just sit unread. Should go through them and perhaps rip out a few pages!



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