Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Letters from home"

This little person has been created in homage to the old-fashioned art of letter writing.  As I was growing up and even as an adult I treasured each letter that I received from someone far away.   I even read historical books that were based on letters two people had written to each other. 

Although our modern day life gives us quicker, easier access to each other -- the letters written by hand were, many times, far more enlightening than a few quick lines in an email.  I knew that the letters I received were meant solely for me and were not written to a social media site.  Just one-on-one communication - sealed in an envelope.

Hand written letters (yes, there was such a thing once upon a time) were treasures that took time and love to write.  Also they often took quite awhile to actually get to the receiver - no instant messaging in 'those' days.  Sometimes, by the time the letter actually arrived, the news was already 'old'.

But still...  I make this little figure, who collects her mail in her pocket.  Perhaps someday it will end up in a box, up in the attic for a future person to discover.

A special thanks to Sherri for this darling little black chair (and two others that she sent to me).

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." - Phyllis Theroux


  1. Love that pocket full of letters! How wonderful for someone years in the future, to come across this and marvel at the idea of hand written letters! Wonderful!

  2. You are so right. Many of us save letters, post cards, and greeting cards we have received over the years. I can't part with some of these. They bring back memories and throwing them away would somehow indicate that the sentiments they represent are somehow unimportant. But then, I'm a pretty sentimental person.

    Love your doll.
    xx, Carol

  3. She has a wonderful, serene face and I love the use of fabric wuth handwriting for her arms and legs.

  4. I still treasure letters from a friend who spent a year in Thailand, full of entertaining stories and wise advice. And my parents had an astonishing knack of sending letters that arrived at university just when I needed them. Emails just aren't the same!

  5. I love the sentiment of this doll. I agree, electronic communication is not nearly as personal, nor can it be savored and treasured for years to come. This little gal (is she little?) has such a contented look on her face. I love the hat with French knot accents. Adorable!



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