Monday, October 8, 2012

A Chappeau

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I am not a fashionista!  I wear jeans everywhere and most of my clothes are purchased at consignment shops or thrift stores, meaning I'm always behind in the latest trends.  My studio dress is usually jeans (of course), a t-shirt and my favorite, oversized green and black checked flannel shirt!  Ahh - comfort!!

So imagine my amazement as I dive back into doll making to find that I'm entranced with dressing these little people.  I'm working on shoes - I'm designing and making hats - I'm putting socks on little feet (okay I must admit that I myself am addicted to socks - love them in all sorts of colors and patterns) - I am becoming my own 'Project Runway' . 

While at a recent quilt show I went to my favorite vendor booth "Annie's Keepsakes" to pick up some of her delicious wool felt.  There I found this pattern for two hats -- a 'stovepipe' hat' and a 'flat hat'.  Of course both patterns were not designed for dolls but hey - I have a computer - I can resize.  And that's what I did!

This scrunched stove pipe hat sits perched on an otherwise unfinished doll -- waiting for the rest of her outfit.  What fun this was to make - even though working in this very small size and with felt was somewhat of a challenge. 

Now I'm working on a new shoe pattern -- this is a prototype in amongst the old doll shoes that I took apart for a pattern.  I learned the in's and out's with this first one and am about to start the 'real' thing in black felt (to match her hat of course).

I'm having way too much fun!!!  If you're interested in this pattern you can get it by contacting Annie's Keepsakes.

"I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch." - Gilda Radner


  1. ...love that hat!!!

    Not sure if I'd have the patience to go for full-blown doll-dressing. Good luck!

    x C

  2. Well, less time dressing yourself, gives more time to dress all your little friends!

  3. I have a hat like that in denim! Not sure I'd like to make doll shoes. I'm not great with small tedious stitching unless it's by hand. The clothes really to give the little ones character, and even more so that you make them yourself.

    I'm a denim lover too, but my oversize shirt is denim. Wear em until the elbows are ripped out and my grandkids beg me to throw them out..that's when they're really comfortable!
    xx, Carol

  4. Great idea for the hat pattern! I love fiddly detail stuff. :o)

  5. What fun, Penny! Very tiny, and for some a bit tedious, but I like working small so I will enjoy this new journey of yours.The photo of your doll with the scrunched hat is adorable, and I love the juxtaposition of her with the bald heads behind, photo genius! Have your dolls started talking to you yet? ;) These dolls have really wormed their way into my heart. Gilda's fashion statement is perfect, I still miss her.

  6. Cute post. I love the Gilda quote! I too love to wear jeans and comfy clothes, but love totally dressing up dolls! I think I must have been deprived as a child. Your dolls are so sweet, do I recognize a chair??



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