Thursday, August 30, 2012

Proper Patience

Let me introduce "Proper Patience" -- a new doll design that has developed over the past few weeks. I talked about her in an earlier posting -- at that time she was but a bare foundation.

Working this design helped me to practice and learn a few techniques that I hadn't tried before.  'Staining' her head, legs and arms using a whiteish base and then wiping it with a soft brown acrylic.  Looking at her afterward it was apparent that I'm going to need a bit more practice of this particular technique *smile*.

Putting her together helped me to recognize that the pattern as I had drawn it would need some tweaking -- such as longer arms and legs.  Also the design with its 'waspy waist' ended up being difficult to dress and gave me a very limited amount of space on her body with which to use embellishments.  The clothes became very simple - which is not a problem - but does limit dressing possibilities and what I could do with future clothing. 

Looking at her now it seems that she is way too 'ordinary' and 'plain' for me.  She is missing the slightly whimsical interest that I seek.  She has taught me patience - I'll say that much for her and I appreciate her willingness to put up with my stumbling through each step of her creation.  Hopefully she'll be a guide as I move forward reminding me to let go, relax  and have a lot more fun with the next figure.

"Have no fear of perfection -- you'll never reach it." - Salvadore Dali


  1. She's beautiful in all her simplicity. I especially love the charming face. She may not be quite what you were hoping for, but I love her!

  2. I think she is quite beautiful in her plain way. Such fun that you are able to learn something from the making of her. Her lovely dress is perfect for her, I think you have done very well. She is a departure from your usual and sometimes that can be fun.

  3. I think Patience is a wonderful name for her. She's got such a quiet strength.

  4. She is a wonderful "primitive" Penny. In spite of you wanting to have more fun, plain and simple is what defines primitive. Apparently it had to come out before you could move on to having more fun again. I love everything about her, and you know I especially love her face.



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