Friday, November 26, 2010

With Needle and Thread

Here I am, with needle and thread taking small stitches on the body of an art doll.  This fabric just called out to be embellished with various stitches. 

Lots of running stitches (of course) some French knots, a feather stitch or two and a variation on the star filling stitch.  I'm using the book "Elegant Stitches" to guide me.  Loving a challenge as I do -- I'm thinking that each upcoming piece shall contain at least one new-to-me embroidery stitch.  Now that should make life interesting.

"Such a small thing -- embroidery -- but what a lesson it has to teach!" - Judith Baker Montano

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  1. I can relate to this post, Penny. I've been embellishing my crazy quilt bear with embroidery stitches from a book. Even though the illustrations and instructions look easy, I'm finding most of them hard. At any rate, I've decided I'm going to do only the handful I do well enough, and they include a couple of the ones you have done. I also plan to embellish with some beading. It will be fun to see your entire doll, and I love the colors!



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