Monday, November 29, 2010

Into the Swamp

Come along with me into the Congaree Swamp.  We'll walk the boardwalk (so as not to get muddy and wet) and see what lies within this place.

Bald Cypress trees put their roots down into the water becoming huge trunks looking somewhat like an elephant's leg.

Cypress 'knees' surround the trunks of these trees.  They serve to aerate the trees. To me they look like pieces of clay formed into conical shapes at the foot of the trees.

The water is dark and full of nutrients throughout the swamp.  This is an environment that is unique to place and works together to create a magical, mystical swamp forest.

Sometimes I look up to see the bright blue sky above.

And looking back down, the dark water makes it appear that there are two forests that I am walking in. The one above and the one below.

"During all these years there existed within me a tendency to follow Nature in her walks". - John James Audubon.


  1. Cool visit! It amazes me that some people never see nature as it is. One of my grandson's fondest memories is the weekend we spent at Mammoth Cave. We had one wonderful afternoon walking the trails around the mountain and looking over into the river. They learned things that weekend they will never forget. O, did I tell you about the bear that followed along behind us? Well, we never saw him, but he was THERE!!

  2. Beautiful and educational tour, thanks for the lovely photos!



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