Monday, November 1, 2010

The Book Keeper

She is the keeper of books.  The one who preserves rare old print.  The one who loves to turn the printed page with her well worn hands.  To see the words laid out on a piece of paper. 

She loves to be read to out loud. To listen to a loved one's voice reading pages from a much worn book.  To read out loud a book to a child, even if it means rereading it so many times that the words have been memorized.

She is the one who asks for quiet in the library (not because she doesn't enjoy a good conversation, but because each book is a sacred text to her).

She is the one who curls up in a chair facing the sun and reads for hours, never once thinking that she might be 'wasting' time.

"He that loves reading has everything within his reach". - William Godwin


  1. I love her. I can identify with your doll.
    She's a gem.

  2. Ahhhh...so this is the cotton face that lays nice and flat, BUT with so much expression! I had to go back to the post of Oct. 25 where this doll's body was coming together and remind myself that she includes a book to be opened. I love the pen nub you put on the book's cover. I also love her arms, hands, and hair -- in fact, every one of her embellishments. Also, I especially like your words that go with her -- the ones that sculpt her personality. Then her name of "Book Keeper" - it's all perfect!

  3. Your doll is beautiful and so are the words that accompany her. I love to read and have tried to teach many students the love of reading and writing.

  4. Thank you Gita -- sometimes these days with shortened twitters and quickly sent emails I worry that we are forgetting how to use the 'words'.

  5. Yes, 'she' is a keeper! And so true about reading!!! Love that quote!!

  6. she is very cool Penny! love the colors!
    thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments :)

  7. Thanks to all of you for your comments.



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