Friday, June 18, 2010


I was thrilled when I pulled the word "enchantment" out of my word jar.  And then -- not so thrilled because I just couldn't think of how I would portray this word.  Its such a rich word -- it brings all sorts of images to my mind as I think of it.  Enchantment is actually what I try to create when I bring a beaded figure to life. My mind then drifted to the places of enchantment that fill my life and, looking out my studio window, the forest beyond drew me in.  What can be more enchanting than our natural world? 

Here in western North Carolina we are blessed with rich, dense forests.  The color green is all around us during this time of the year and narrow paths draw us deep into the woods.  There in the woods we hear birdsong and the rustle of squirrels and the croak of the frog.  Ahh, my inspiration for 'Enchantment' had arrived.  There is a small pond outside my studio window and it brims with frogs.  At times the noises they make are so loud that I can hear them clearly while I sit here and bead. 

The 'greens' in this piece don't show up as well in photography as they do in person -- they are more 'olive' colored and deeper and richer in tone.  Sorry about that!

And so, my June BJP has become a piece of this enchanted forest and perhaps there's even a prince out there in disguise as a frog.

"Enchant: subject to magical influence, cast as a spell over, bewitch - 'enchantment' act or art of enchanting". 


  1. My thought exactly (before I read your final comment) was about enchanted frogs and princes.
    This piece is delightful and lovely!

  2. Lovely, indeed! This is a wonderful piece. I absolutely adore the frog and all of the greens (my favorite color, I think.) What fun!

  3. I love your story of Enchantment. The frog is so nice! I love frogs too! I live in the country and enjoy the piece and quiet it brings in my busy life. I find the sounds of nature so calming: even a frog concert!

    Nice work! Very inspiring.

    Thank you!

  4. What a great piece! It does represent 'green' and nature beautifully!! Nice workmanship as usual!

  5. It reminds me of an enchanted forest, complete with all the living creatures it protects. Lovely piece of work as usual.

  6. This is so pretty! It does look like an enchanted forest! I love the fibers you used also.

  7. Enchantment is just so sweet! Love the use of the frog :-)

  8. It's enchanting! A lovely piece and a lovely explanation.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  9. Thanks everyone -- summer is upon us so this theme seemed to work.

  10. Enchanting!!! As soon as I read your word and saw the frog, I thought of fairy tales and kissing enchanted frogs or toads. But I like your very real story better... I love being drawn deep into your woods as I contemplate your piece and I feel the enchantment there! Your techniques are lovely too! Bravo!

    Robin A.



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