Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Desert in Bloom

I don't even know where to begin to tell you about the trip we took to Nevada.  It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!   We met with family and friends whom we hadn't seen for a long time and then spent many lovely, fun, loving hours with our son, grandson and the new additions of a fiance (which happily includes four 'new to us' grandchildren).

The desert was miraculous.  Due to a late spring and wet winter we saw blooms everywhere.  It was almost as if a special desert wildflower show was being held just for us!

We walked desert trails as well as old cemetaries, mountain valleys and lakes.  In fact we seemed to be walking most of the time - which was great.  Here in North Carolina we sort of take blooming flowers for granted.  In the desert they are never taken for granted, or shouldn't be anyway.  They are special beauties that require treasure hunts among the sage and cheat grass.  I know that here I take the natural beauty that is around me everyday too much for granted.  In the desert I seem to focus in on everything because I'm always searching for the beauty there that is not quite so evident upon first glance.

And so I share a few of the blooms that we saw along the way and hope that you have been having as wonderful a time as we have had during the days that I have been away.

"The true man breathes with his heels". - Chuang Tzu

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  1. Flowers are gorgeous everywhere, but they are especially precious in such a challenging environment! I know we sometimes take ours for granted since we live in an area where they are always with us, even if only in pots on the porch in the winter! Good for you for making a point of searching them out in the desert.



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