Monday, June 21, 2010

Southern Summer

Whoever coined the term 'lighter than air' must have never spent summer in the southern states.  As I take my walk these early summer days I find the air very heavy -- I can feel it as it enters my lungs; I can feel it against my skin; at times I feel as if I am 'swimming' against the tide.  This year summer humidity seems to have come earlier than usual, with temperatures hovering near 90 degrees.  Usually I only concern myself with July and August but this year, as summer officially begins, my walk has to be taken much earlier in the morning and even then I come home feeling as if I'd been walking through a thick invisible vapor.

The plants and animals love it -- how the rabbits stand it when they are wearing a fur coat I'll never understand.  But of course there is LOTS for them to eat at this time of the year.  The county will come in and cut down all this delicious fodder one of these days soon, but in the meantime there are scrumptious meals to be had and cover to hide in - what else could a bunny want?

There are still people here in the south who have no air-conditioning (because they choose to do so) but I'm afraid I will never be that accommodating to the weather.  I must have my creature comforts - a warm heater in the winter, a cool air-conditioned breeze in the summer months.  I am spoiled, I know that, but there it is.

So, the best thing to do with a southern summer is to curl up with a good book (or perhaps a few beads) in the hot afternoons - a cool drink beside you (there's a reason why iced tea is the preferred drink in the south) and think 'cool' thoughts (like iceberg, snow, and winter winds).  That's how I'll cope, how about you?

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it". - Russell Baker

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  1. What a sweet bunny! I guess I will always miss living in the south but it's pretty hot here in the north, too! Ice tea sounds good.



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