Monday, November 9, 2009

Three Trays Working

I have always been focused on finishing one thing at a time.  When I was 'trapped' in a cubicle I had, out of necessity, to multitask.  Being out of the cubicle and in my studio I revert back to my true self - the one who 'plods' on until the task at hand is done.  All was well until I began beading.  I soon found that it was 'fun' to multitask.  Tired of beaded sculpture?  Move onto to creating an abstract picture.  Tired of the art doll figure in front of me?  Move onto another one.  Hey, this is fun!!  This is a tray made up and in process for "Desert Dreamer".

This next tray is the beginning of "The Man in the Moon".  The most exciting part is that after moving between pieces one of them turns up finished and I almost have to ask myself 'now how did that happen?

This tray holds an as yet unnamed figure. I've found that focusing too much on one beading piece may give it too much importance.  It means that if I make a mistake, or start getting stale, or can't figure out what stitch to use next I'm trapped because I have only committed to one piece at a time.  Moving from piece to piece gives me a fresh look at each one as I pick it up after it has been resting.  It puts the work into perspective for me because there are others waiting for me when I tire of this one.   So perhaps multitasking isn't nearly the bug-a-boo that I once thought it to be.

"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." - Fredrich Nietzsche

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