Thursday, November 19, 2009

Desert Dreamer

I am a desert dreamer!  I love living here in the western North Carolina mountains - but my heart is split between here and the desert.  We spent many years in the deserts of Nevada and my son and his family still live there.  These days both my desert longings and my homesickness for family are soothed with all too brief trips spent out west. 

Recently I've gotten interested in the idea of creating beaded figures and after finding the most perfect desert-like button/cab I decided to try my hand at a beaded figure to honor the desert that I love.  And so, "Desert Dreamer" was born.  This was truly a learning experience.  How would I bead her?  How would I 'stuff' her to make her dimensional? How would I mount this abstract figure?  The beading was the 'easy' part and of course the very most fun part.  After some trial and error with finishes I was able to prepare the stand (with the help of my DH).  Before attaching the dowel to the base however I had to put it inside the figure and then stuff around it.  After I had it suitably stuffed I stitched across the bottom of the figure and I was able to put the dowel into the stand and voila - Desert Dreamer was born. 

Now I have my very own desert spirit -- looking at her will bring the rock formations, sage, mountains and mysteries of the desert back into my life.

"The phoenix hope, can wing her way trhough the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from the ashes and rise". - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 

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  1. Hello Penny, this is my first time to your blog (via the 2010 BJP blog) and wanted to leave you a comment on this piece in particular because I think it is totally FABU! What a great gift to give yourself. I just LUV everything about it, especially the face that is not a face.... Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful beadwork during our yearlong journey!



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