Friday, November 6, 2009

Art Mart!

A week from today  (Friday, November 13th) I will be participating in Art Mart.  This is an annual show hosted by the Transylvania County Arts Council (TCAC) located in Brevard, North Carolina.  I love this show.  It is short - Friday night wine and cheese reception and all day Saturday (the 14th).  Artists are in attendance on Friday night - and its always a festive event. 

One of the things that I like about it -- all of the artwork is sold at significantly discounted prices.  Now why oh why would I like that?  Well - first of all its an opportunity to put pieces that either the artist has had 'hanging' around for awhile, or pieces that while good didn't quite meet your self-critical artist requirements, or pieces that haven't sold in other places (so they get a second chance at this show).  The discounted prices appeal to me for another reason -- there are people who would like to buy something of mine but can't afford it or justify the expense and I love it that I can offer them some of my work at more affordable prices.  Many people buy my pieces as gifts (another thing I absolutely love) and here's a chance to do so within a budget. 

I have to admit pricing has always been a bug-a-boo for me.  Perhaps it is because I enjoy what I do so much it almost seems 'wrong' to charge too much and I have to literally force myself to put market prices on my work.  I know that I am truly blessed to have the time, the energy and the inspiration to create whatever I want, when I want to.  I am fortunate that I am not 'living on my art earnings' (I'd be quite hungry right now) and know that if I were, my whole price thinking would have to be adjusted. 

This year at Art Mart I will be offering book arts and little scenic tins that I made ever so long ago.  If you are near the Brevard area stop in for a little wine, a little cheese and a lot of art.  We'll be waiting for you!

"Sometimes creativity is a compulsion, not an ambition." - Ed Norton

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