Monday, October 12, 2015

Mr. Scribe

This fine fellow introduced himself to me recently.  It seems he'd heard about my conversations with our local rabbits and wanted to know more about me.  Apparently he is the 'setter of standards' for our little rabbit community.

Quite the guy he is!  He's a very good connection because he keeps the books and records for our little herd.  Whoops - I forgot!  One of the first things he corrected me on was the word "herd ''.  Yes we commonly refer to rabbits as being 'a herd' and living in their 'warren'.  Mr. Scribe believes those are 'common' words and that we should all use the French words instead.  Thereupon I received a quick French lesson. I learned that 'rabbit' is 'lapin', 'warren' is  'garenne' and  'herd' is 'troupe. I must admit 'troupe' beats 'herd' any day.

At first Mr. Scribe seemed a bit standoffish -- but once we got to talking he was quite sociable.  I'm sure he was groaning inside at my pronunciations - but never even winced when I said bonne journee.

"Hello Rabbit", he said. Is that you?" 
"Let's pretend it isn't", said Rabbit 
"and see what happens."  - A.A. Milne


  1. Hmmm, very interesting for you to meet such a proper bunny! And the Keeper of Standards as well! I think this is a very different troupe than we have living in MY back yard. Mine are country bunnies. They just hop around having fun and don't speak proper english at ALL let alone FRENCH!! Mine speak Bunny Talk. Heck, you can hardly hear them! We try to read their nose wiggles, but apparently bunny noses have a special kind of nose language that is not easily translated! Who would have thought Bunnies are so complex!!
    xx, Carol

  2. I didn't think it possible, but once again you've exceeded my expectations! Love, love, love Mr. Scribe, a sartorial lapin. Especially that tail! And more to come--a warren, a troupe of delightful bunnies. :)

  3. So very cute! I especially love his little tail! His face is absolutely fantastic! Bon travail!

  4. I take it that "bunny" is distinctly infra-dig, then, bless him. He's very sweet and serious!

  5. He is very debonair, love him.

  6. He's adorable! and looks as though he takes his position quite seriously!

  7. Looks like he needs his tail tweaking to encourage a sense of humour to slip out! Fabulous expression!!

  8. Oh, yes! Rabbit, rabbit, hare, hare. I do so love rabbits. I keep them here and there in my house for abundance. As we all know they do multiply! You will have an entire troupe showing up out of nowhere, perhaps?



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