Monday, August 10, 2015

"White Crowned Flutterby"

Look what I spotted on her nest the other day.  That rarest of rare, or at least to me, the White Crowned Flutterby.  And what a nest it is -  threads going this way and that way.  Hey wait a minute, isn't that the green thread I've been looking for?  Hmmm...

I told her she looks quite serene and she just quietly nodded, which sort of rocked her nest. 

She's so quiet that she hides her floral gusset - one must pick her up to see it.  And so I did and loved the feel of this quiet, silent bird in the palm of my hand.

"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings" - Victor Hugo


  1. OH!! You are going to have A Flutterby Flock. Keep an eye out for her husband. They mate for life you know. Soon he will be bringing her food until the eggs hatch. Then, wonderful father that he is, he will keep the chicks warm while she stretches her wings. No one knows what they eat, so keep a close watch. The Audubon Society would love to add this information to the bio of this much sought after bird. . . but HUSH, don't let them know where you spotted her or you will have birders and drones crawling you property to catch a glimpse, not to mention the Paparazzi!!
    x, Carol

    1. A Flutterby Flock! The birders will be thrilled!

  2. This Flutterby on her nest has added life! I'd hope to see her eggs, but know you cannot disturb her. So sweet!

  3. Flutterbys obviously have an eye for interior decoration if they are secreting your threads in their nests!

  4. Sweet, serene and with a touch of kleptomania! Keep an eye on your threads!!



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