Monday, August 17, 2015

Flying Flutterby II

I found this little one hovering in among the shade of the trees.  Its quiet there and its a good place for her to ruffle her feathers before taking off again.

Sadly, the beautiful Robin's egg blue of her body could not be seen in all the shade.  After much coercion, I was able to convince her that if she would come inside for a bit she'd find it a most pleasant place.   And so she did.  Surprisingly she seems to like being here -- but then there are several other birds here now and they're happy to give her company.

"A forest bird never wants a cage". - Henrik Ibsen


  1. Oh My!! Not only is she a Flying Flutterby, I think, Just Maybe, you have been visited by one of the rarest of all Flutterby.I looked her up in the Flutterby Field Guide and she looks like a young Speckle Tailed Blue Flutterby. She is the only variety with heart shaped feet! The bird world will be so excited to know you have not only spotted one, but actually are being graced with a visit. I can see them clapping their hands while hopping up and down. Lucky You!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Trying a second time, bad blogger!
    Love these colors, and the heart shaped feet are indeed rare!

  3. Love how fun these are! So wonderfully creative!!

  4. What a really lovely colour. A fine addition to the aviary!



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