Friday, August 21, 2015

Chaos or Not?

[Michelle of "With Heart and Hands" has won Whisper number 3]

It starts out pretty organized.  This and that laid out on my work table -- each one with a potential purpose.

It continues with fabric pieces laid out -- matching colors and patterns.  What will go with what?

It ends up like this. Almost total chaos.  Trim mixed in with thread and needles and pins.  Bits and pieces of this and that scattered hither and yon.  All with the hope that something recognizable, perhaps even magic will come out of what looks like the leftovers of a mini tornado.  

"We adore chaos because we love to produce order." - M. C. Escher


  1. Lol, cahos must be catching. If ideas aren't surfacing, I walk away. Often later, or even the next day, an idea rises to the surface. Love your quote!

  2. Isn't that quote so appropriate for us all! I found scrapbook 14 x 14 lidded plastic boxes at Michaels often on sale for $3.50. For a while, I bought a few each time they were on sale. They have become my project boxes. They keep the project in check and mobile if necessary. When I worked, I never had more than one project going at a time. Since I retired, I find that I need to switch it up a bit. The boxes support my OCD as well, lol.
    xx, Carol

  3. It may be chaos, but it's creative chaos, which is the best kind!

  4. from out of the chaos comes such beauty! Love to see the in progress photos. My sewing desk is awash in bold colors as I finish up some things for the granddaughters and the one as yet unborn and awaiting the gender identity! It is refreshing to see the subtle hues of your wonderful work!

  5. I love seeing the chaos that is such a part of your creative process! Why yours looks so photogenic and mine just messy poses an interesting question.

    Congratulations to Michelle! She is a long-time blogging friend and the inspiration for the fidget quilts that kept me so happily busy in the spring!

  6. I would be totally comfy within that tornado ;>))

  7. That chaos is magical - the raw stuff of creativity. :o)

  8. Chaos with purpose is called 'creativity'!! at least that's what I tell my husband ;)))))



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