Monday, October 3, 2016


Recently you saw my 'messy' table -- filled to the brim with this and that -- all leading me toward a new experiment.  And here that table is today!

Before beginning a new project I did a MAJOR clean out.  Oh my goodness -- it took me several days.  Not only did I clean off my work tables I cleaned out boxes.  Wow, what things you find when you take down a box and go through everything.

Who knows how long things will stay tidy -- but for now, not only is my studio cleaned and ordered it feels like my mind is also.

"It must be great to know what you want to do.  I've got no idea at all.  I just go from one day to the next." Whisper of the heart - 1995"


  1. I'm always torn between living in a wonderful welter of lovely things, and wanting to have enough clear space to see what I've got... I guess alternating between the two is the way to go!

  2. Everyone needs their space to be what brings comfort, but when we need a place to work, something needs to be done. Witness our daughter and her husband...their bed is always piled high with clean laundry. It's the way they like it. But when night-time comes, they need a place to sleep, so I guess it is shoved onto the floor. Then I guess they put the whole pile back on the bed in the morning before going to work. Seems like less work to me to just fold and put the laundry away after washed until next laundry day. But they function well this way!

  3. Your studio is so nice. I know what you mean about cleaning out-it feels so good in the head!

  4. Oh gosh...I did that same thing last week. I need to do the desk side of the room next, but I DID do a little of that too. Moving my daughter this weekend put me a little behind but I should be starting a project this week. Hopefully the patterns that are coming in the mail today will be just what I have been looking for. If not, I'll proceed with the original plan A. Wonder what you will be up to next??
    xx, Carol

  5. I am so impressed! Each day, I tell myself to do a thorough clean and organize. Purging is a major part of that, but I'm weak and end up debating about whether or not something should go. You may be my inspiration!

  6. Goodness! What discipline! ;o)

  7. "Wow!" is certainly the correct word choice... I too and inspired to start doing a light "light" housekeeping in my creative space!



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