Monday, October 24, 2016


Do we ever stop learning about ourselves?  Does discovery somehow disappear when we turn a certain age?  I am of an age where I'd better 'figure' myself out, if I'm ever going to do so.  And so the subject of 'tidiness' has entered my thoughts.

Moving from mice (who were quite tidy in their pattern and design) back to punchneedle, my first thought was that I would like to  be a little 'looser' with some new-to-me designs. Perhaps more mixed media.

My second thought was: 'where will I put whatever I make after its finished'? And that meant that it 'had' to stand since I have little to no wall space. Without much thought at all I gave myself a framed 5"x7" space for each piece.

 My original idea was to use both regular punchneedle and reverse punchneedle.  As mentioned before I wanted to incorporate some trinket that I already had on hand.  Of course the colors I used had to be appropriate to the trinket(s).  Can you see my limitations growing?

 Now that it is finished, and sitting neatly on the shelf, I feel as if I have trapped myself in 'tidiness'. While I had an 'earth' story in mind, my finished piece told me no story. I ended up with something boxed in, very tidy in design and pretty boring, even to me.  I think its time to let go of limitations and rules.

"Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties." - Gail Sheehy


  1. Interesting. How to let go. I can't do that. Not in my nature at all. It's why I don't drink. I cannot lose control of my mouth. Give me a drink alcohol and my mouth lets out all my hidden thoughts. I've been thinking that I should let those thoughts out in some fabric art. I know myself quite well, but believe it or not, not many others know ME. I had to laugh at the recent political comments about Hillary hiding what she "really" thinks. Don't we all? xx, Carol

  2. Well, Penny, this is very, very pretty, and a conversation piece! However, I can sense your feeling of being boxed in. Perhaps use no frame to do that in the next piece? Allow your edges to finish wherever they say they are done. But that would not stand as a frame does. A true conundrum! I don't know, but I'm sure you will figure it out. I wouldn't worry about colors being appropriate, all of yours always are!

  3. I agree with Barbara, the piece is lovely and interesting, but the frame detracts from the beauty. If it were attached to a small pillow, it would "stand" sort of.... At any rate, I love the piece and the trinket in the middle!

  4. My mother - in her late seventies - says she's still trying to work out what she wants to be when she grows up. And every painting she does is different. Maybe you need to care less about what you'll do with a piece when it is finished...

  5. Hmmmm-interesting comments. I know what you are feeling-believe me. I think it may be just a case of really playing and not worrying about the outcome. Although-everyone creates differently. I've read a few books about creating and doing art-and truly-they are kinda worthless except to just read about how it's all different for each person.
    But-that being said-you do feel when you need to move out of the box you've always been creating in, so to speak, and try different approaches. I have loosened up some in my painting, and I think it helps to just play with what medium you are using...
    Sorry-I am no authority, and I don't mean to sound high-falutin.' Did I spell that right??

  6. This is a good example of differences in interpretation. When I look at the piece, it feels organized, but not boxed in or boring. It has a nice calming simplicity. If you want to get more wild, well, get more wild! Enjoy the journey without worrying about where the journey leads. I tend to only have a small amount of my total stuff on display. As the mood fits I rotate the pieces. Sometimes when I pull special pieces out, it's like seeing an old friend again.

  7. Well, I just love the colours in this and that button is gorgeous. Perhaps you needed to be consciously aware of the 'rules' you were laying down in this piece to realise what the next step in your journey needs to be.

  8. Penny... I LOVE the framed presentation; the rich colors, texture and patterns! I see only broad horizons... no self-restricted "rules"



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