Monday, April 18, 2016

Order out of Chaos

I recently looked around my studio and especially over at the hanging shelves just next to my desk.  It looked like hoarder lives here (at least to my eyes).  Boxes stuffed with "I might this sometime" things,  and more stuff stuffed here and there for lack of space in existing boxes.

What's a girl to do but get in and start sorting, and sorting and sorting. I don't have a lot compared to others but this took all day long.  There was the taking out and putting back or setting aside for donations and trash -- and then the putting saved items into proper boxes.  Of course there was a run to JoAnn's for newer, bigger boxes to replace the smaller, now scruffy ones I had been using.

Today I can look at these shelves and see nothing but neatly stacked boxes, each holding things I just know I need to have!

"One way to organize your thoughts is to tidy up, even if it's in places where it makes no sense at all." - Ursus Wehrli


  1. Ahhh...you have brought order and a breath of fresh air to your studio. It looks great! Have to admit I miss that basket though. I always love the look of baskets. ;)

  2. Yay you!!! It always feels so good to clear the clutter as I like to call it. Your new boxes are so pretty! My clutter is a never ending battle!
    Xx, Carol

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! I'm with Carol--my clutter is a never ending battle. :(

  4. I think I have never ending clutter too, I tidy and throw out and next thing I know, it's back again.

  5. We've just started on a fit of the tidy-ups, too - it must be something to do with Spring!

  6. Well done! Even though I like the "aesthetic" appearance of bits and pieces hanging out of baskets and boxes in a care-free manner... being "Mr. O.C.D." myself... never allows much room for that. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. Oh my! I've been doing the same thing in my own studio, and through the house. We've made many trips to donate stuff-even had a scrap metal run. I had been saving junk 'just in case' I wanted to make something out of it-and it was such cool old stuff! But it had been sitting there for a very long time. My studio is now pared down to mostly painting and drawing pursuits, with my fabric neatly stored away for the future. I don't miss any of the stuff I donated! And I found a great freedom in my head to pursue my art because all that stuff is gone. Now, the trick is-to NOT replace it!



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