Monday, September 23, 2013

A Remnant of Summer

A short walk in the woods of the Pisgah Forest the other day.

There was damage to be seen.  A tree had broken at some point and only the bottom of the trunk was left.  But with that there was still growth.  Moss covers large sections and lichen type things grow almost symmetrically along the trunk.

A large tree had toppled over, pulled out of the ground probably during one of our many summer storms.  Already thoroughly wet ground combined with wind tore this tree down where it fell across the bottom of a huge rock. 

It is when I see this and the above picture that my fondness for rocks, both large and small, comes to the forefront.  Perhaps it comes from my desert dwelling years, perhaps I am just in awe of the beating they take in the environment and still they stand. I am always in awe of them.

This old bridge also contains rocks which have darkened with age and the elements.  At this time of the year when the water is down in the streams it seems strange to have such a large bridge standing guard over such a small amount of water.

"Geologists have a saying - rocks remember." - Neil Armstrong


  1. What a glorious place to connect with nature.
    xx, Carol

  2. Looks like a beautiful walk, lovely images

  3. Beautiful photos, Penny. I'm struck by the many colors in the water!

  4. It looks lovely - so restful and healing.

  5. Rocks can be endlessly fascinating, especially if you have a geologist on hand to talk about them!

  6. I am also fascinated by rocks, Penny. i studied geology at college for a while, but got married and never finished. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your walk with us :)



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