Thursday, September 5, 2013

The End of Summer

Our summer has been very strange this year -- sort of a 'water, water, everywhere' thing going on.  But while some of us have felt stunted by not being able to be out and about in the sunshine, our flowering plants have not disappointed.

This is probably my favorite of all of the plants - the Carolina Lily.  What a beauty.  It seems to bloom on its own, standing there alone.  How delicate it is, how intricate is its design.

The Cardinal Flower blooms every year and its deep, rich red makes a great contrast against all the green that surrounds us.

Last, but certainly not least is this small, but mighty  Evening Primrose.  Its lovely yellow flower makes me smile.  It seems so 'plain' but also so happy.  A beautiful tribute to summer, no matter how grey and rainy it has been.

"Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you". ~Rumi
{Just a short note to say that I think I've conquered the 'green word' thing. I will just stick here at my home of four years as long as there are no more problems.  Thanks for your input and patience.}



  1. Beautiful lily, I also love Evening Primrose especially late at night when it glows in the dark, a bright light on a dark night.

  2. Beautiful photos! Glad you aren't moving. :)

  3. That lily is indeed gorgeous. We've had lots of sunshine here and my evening primroses have done absolutely nothing this year, so maybe they need the rain you've had?

  4. Penny, your flowers are so lovely! Exquisite is the perfect word for that Carolina lily. Nature astounds me with its beauty. So delicate, and so fleeting. Thanks for sharing! Ours have about played out for this year.

  5. Lovely flowers n their own, but the glimpses of your garden beyond tantalise me even more!

  6. After the rain of last summer it has been good to see some sun at all!

  7. Don't you just LOVE flowers! They are so amazing and bring me great joy. From the meditation while weeding around them, nurturing, then watching the birds, bees and butterflies take what they need from them, its all magic and mystery. Quite a story, really.

    Love yours too.
    xx, Carol



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