Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ever have a favorite pair of socks - or a special hat - or an old baggy pair of pants that you just love?  When the time comes that they're no longer wearable it can be hard to relegate them to the trash (in my case these favorite pieces of clothing are kept until they are no longer even fit for donation).  I had just such a pair of socks.  They were a teal color in a wool-like knit.  I loved them!  When they wore out I couldn't just throw them away - they were placed in my 'stash of stuff' just in case...

Here is the result of my recycling.  "Socks" just grew and became a special repository for my favorite pair of socks.  Part of one pair became a sweater -- another part became actual socks and the last portion of the second sock became a hat quite by accident.

When I had finished "Socks", except for a head covering, I was experimenting with various 'hat' designs.  All of a sudden I grabbed up what was left of a cut out sock section, placed it on his head, gathered the top, hemmed the tails hanging down and voila!

"Socks" is now ready for what will surely be cold weather and my old socks are keeping his little feet warm.

"I think winter wear is communal.  You get some gloves and a scarf from a lost-and-found box, wash them, wear them for a while until you lose them.  Then somebody else does the same thing." - Adrian Grenier


  1. Adorable! Recycling clothing on a doll is something I've admired in the work of others, and it takes a vibrant imagination. I especially like Socks hat!

  2. It's astonishing what a pair of socks can stretch to!

  3. That is wonderful! I really like how the sock pattern looks in proportion on his feet as well as for the wooly jumper.


  4. Very creative..........I love it when I can just Make Do with something! The doll adorable!

  5. Just thought I'd stop by.. Just love your work.. I just want to make another doll now.! Have brooches to make first, then maybe I shall make a Christmas doll.. I love your wordsmith doll, truly inspiring..

  6. I have to say his hat is pretty stylish. I see lots of kids around here wearing just that style hat in the winter. Cool way to save a favorite piece of clothes.
    xx, Carol



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