Monday, September 10, 2012

Fern Grotto

On the side of our house there is a slight hill - mostly huge rocks that have been here since time began - only disturbed thirty years ago when this small subdivision was established.  Some of the sites had to be literally dynamited in order to build a house.  Eight years ago we found this house -- nothing extravagent, nothing really exciting -- just a comfortable house in a nice neighborhood.  When we drove up to the house we were just thinking that it was a 'pleasant' place.  We turned the corner to see the side of the house and I believe at that point the house became ours -- for there was this 'grotto' of rocks and ferns, trees and plants and bushes -- like a mysterious oasis that hadn't been touched. 

Our 'grotto' is still there today -- still covered with ferns coming out of the rocks.  Rocks that have moss and lichen covering them in interesting designs.

Even in the heart of summer this bit of 'forest' is with us -- my thanks to the first owners of this house who did not blast away every bit of rock but left us with such a marvelous gift.
"Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul." - Thomas Merton


  1. Lovely! We have the ferns, moss and lichens, but no rocks in south Jersey. they do,provide a dramatic backdrop. For some reason I can't explain, "Where the Woodbine Twineth" comes to mind.

  2. Even in hot weather, looking at ferns and leaves helps us to feel cooler, and in cold weather the greens bring the hillside to life! You lucky people!

  3. I love your natural garden. Our home is on a bluff just above the
    Swan Creek and a walk out my back door looks much like yours. Really it's just magical, I expect fairies or imps must live here! By the way, I mailed the chairs this morning!

  4. It's a wonderland. A serene scene to look on when the need to quiet the day descends.
    xx, Carol



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