Thursday, September 6, 2012


Let me introduce "Capriccio" my version of the musical definition: "a quick improvisational, spirited piece of music."  At times while I worked on him it seemed we were making quite a lullaby -- other times a cacophony of sound roared in my head. 

Who would think that making a simple cloth doll would take so many steps (and because of my lack of skill and/or foresight several steps done over several times)?

There was the head which I thought was finished only to discover that it was too narrow for the features to be used.  Back to the drawing board.  There was a hat that I completely discarded after working on it for several hours -- hated it.

There still lingers arm issues which I finally just 'accepted' with note-to-self to improve that part of my future creations.

I have made many cloth dolls before, but this time I'm feeling quite unsure in creating my own pattern, incorporating features that have to be learned and mastered and in knowing what I want - like reaching into a still pool of water it seems to get disturbed with each reach I take.

Meanwhile I'll continue to make music -- while trying to bring my dreams to life.

"A dream is the bearer of a new possibility, the enlarged horizon, the great hope." - Howard Thurman


  1. Capriccio is a good name, and I think a charming little fellow!

  2. I like this doll so very much! If I had real discretionary income I would purchase him!!!

  3. He's amazing! I LOVE his shoes. You have a beautiful way with words.

  4. He has such a wondering solemnity to his expression - so evocative!

  5. Oooooo, Penny, another creation that evokes emotion! In this case, I feel lulled by peaceful music. From head to toe, it's there in the fabric images and bells. And the peaceful face, oh you know I love that!
    Question, how did you get the music images on the arms and legs? Last we saw of them, they were hanging from pegs in plain fabric. or are they not the ones used for this doll? In which case you are surely planning many more dolls. YAY!



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