Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reverse Punchneedle

As I was busily creating bracelets my husband looked at one still on the frame and commented that he liked it very much.  I then explained to him that he was looking at the back of it - and I turned it over to show him the front.  He still liked the back better than the front *smile*!

This gave me the idea that in future work I might try combining regular punchneedle with reverse punchneedle -- the change in textures should work quite well.  All I have to do now is figure out how to hide the little tags that I usually have dangling on the surface of the back of the work. 

I love the idea of exploring new and exciting techniques in the format that I'm using at the time.  This one will go into my 'idea' book for future pieces.

"Trust that little voice in your head that says 'Wouldn't it be interesting if...'; and then do it". - Duane Michals


  1. I can see why your husband was drawn by the back -- it has a distinctly different look with sharper colors, not as muted. I have to say I like the front better, but I'm drawn more to subtlety. So, I'm not clear, did you climb that mountain in your last post? I suspect you did in order to get such beautiful photos!

  2. The back does sometimes look as good - or better - than the front. I'll be interested to see what more you do with this idea!

  3. I like your bracelets very much. I create wall hangings and people often tell me they often like the backside ..because of the randomness of it! xlynda

  4. Like the back too and the idea of combining front and back is great.

  5. These bracelets are awesome!! And, makes a lovely wall hanging! :0)

  6. I think this bracelet would be just as wonderful as a small work of art, framed and hanging on the wall (no glass). :-)



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