Monday, November 28, 2011

"My" Colors

Recently I hit the paint chip section at the local building supply company.  By the time I left, I'm sure they must have thought that I either have no idea what colors I want my walls, therefore had to take a sample of everything -- or I have a VERY large house with lots of rooms waiting for paint.  Of course neither is true *smile*. 

Once home I went through the colors, laying them out in ways that pleased me.  In the coming months I will be leaning toward those warm, desert colors that so appeal to me.  Soft greens and deep rust - terra cotta and gold - some aqua blue and desert sand beige -in lots of shade and hues.  Just playing with the colors got my creative juices going.

Next step was to go through all my Wildflower threads and embroidery floss.  A daunting project I assure you.  I keep my threads in glass jars - by color - but when doing as much 'punching' as I've been doing lately, colors didn't always stay in their proper place.  And so the sorting began.  I discovered as I went that it could get a bit confusing when you have greens of every shade/hue/tint -- so I went through sorting out the greens that had yellow in them vs. the greens that had grey tints.  As I sorted I laid skeins against the colors on my table, comparing them and using the paint chips as my guidelines.

I know that a lot of you are much more organized than I am - carefully putting each skein, by number or color into their own little cubbie - for some reason I'm just drawn to putting each color selection into a jar. I like feeling the threads in my hands as I sort through them -- it might lose its magic for me if I could just reach in and find a neatly numbered skein.  So you see, I'm not alway as organized as I pretend to be. 

Such satisfaction to see everything lined up and ready to be placed into brand new stitcheries.

"In nature, light creates the color.  In the picture, color creates the light". - Hans Hoffmann


  1. I like a tumble of threads together as well. Sometimes accidental colour combinations spark off an idea...

  2. They look great in the jars - I'd be happy for hours just looking at them!

  3. Do you hire yourself out? I NEED YOUR ORGANIZATION!
    [padding off, mumbling to myself, kicking dust bunnies outta the way]

  4. I love looking at the jars filled with threads. By the way, nice jars. Where did you find those? I love them. Container Store?

  5. question first...do you use the threads 'full strength' in the needle punch? i did n.p. years ago and vaguely remember using one strand of floss at a time....

    visions of color ....during the days of x-stitch, keeping them neat by number was grand. but now that i have moved on to doing things wayyyyyyy outside the box, i just tossed all the threads in a box. i like your idea better...not to mention the matching jars, somehow that calms the chaos a bit. i wonder if it would count if i painted the pickle lids all the same color???



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