Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Rusty Heart"

Why are we so fascinated with rust?  I know that a lot of us like rust and even go out of our way to create it, or to use it in some fashion or another.  There are chemicals that will give a rusty appearance to almost anything.  Some of us carefully nurture rust by wrapping fabric around rusty nails and other implements.

Although this most recent heart is fashioned from un-rusty thread, floss and felt -- you'll notice a rusty heart dangling in the center.  Hopefully while this small metal heart may be rusty -- its is still a symbol of all that is good within us.

"It is better to rust out than wear out". - Edwin Markham


  1. The little heart gives THIS heart just THAT - a heart!

    ...and rust is a good thing...

    ...it reminds us that all things get old and a bit dodgy-looking :-)))

  2. I never thought much about rust. Let's see, now that you have peaked my interest, what I'm thinking is that it's one of those things that reminds us nothing ever stays the same for long.
    Once again, you have created a beautiful piece with subtle colors and a meaningful focus.

  3. Lovely - well done!

  4. Purrrrrfect, Penny! Love this combination.
    Yes, why do we all seem to like rust right now? Well, the colour is gorgeous of course. I personally am not a fan of shiny and new so when I come across a real rusty thing I wonder about the life it has led!

  5. I love rust, always have since a small child..why? no idea. I now love using rust in my eco-dyeing. Love your hearts..gorgeous.xxxOne of these days l will have one!xx

  6. Hope that I am understanding your symbolism...and as always, loving your handwork.



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